Gift Guide for 2 Year Olds

Developmentally Appropriate Gift Guide for

2 year olds

 Building Sets 

Why? At 2-3 children are starting to build structures 5-7 objects high. So a proper block set is a wonderful way to encourage this new skill. They may also start to use their imagination to play with a block as different items, such as food or vehicles. So having blocks of different sizes and shapes will be valuable. They may also be used to explore the connection schema, by stacking and knocking down structures, and positioning schema by lining up blocks.
Colored Wooden Gems
Jumbo Natural Building Blocks
Rainbow Engineering Blocks

 Loose Parts 

Why? At 2-3 children are starting to play symbolically. With loose parts the opportunities are endless. A dolly peg can be a person, or a stick insect. A wooden ring can be money, or some carrot for a soup, or a monocle. They can be lined up for positioning schema. They can be used to construct something for connection schema. They can be used to make transitional art, or play shop to develop language and social skills.
Colored Mushroom
Mini Rainbow People on Wooden Tray
Balancing Rainbow People
Colored Wooden Gems


Why? Naming and identifying emotions is a new skill at this age, which will serve children well throughout their life. 
Little People, Big Dreams Books